The DME List, an online community connecting people with unused durable medical equipment (DME) such as bath tub chair, bedside commode,cane, crutch, hospital bed,lift, walker and wheelchair; with people who need them.

The DME List's Mission

“To provide an online community place where those with DME to give can come together with those in need of DME for a helpful and non-profit exchange.”

To provide an online community place.

The DME List is completely online. We believe that any person with Durable Medical Equipment to use or to request should be able to access this online community and find like-minded users to share their needs and surpluses.

For those with DME to give.

So many times there are many DME items that go unused once a person has finished with them. Maybe someone has recovered from their sports injury and no longer needs their equipment. Maybe a person has inherited medical items in their parent’s estate. Whatever the case may be, we are on a mission to find a home for that equipment where it can be put to good use and help provide better care.

Those in need of DME.

Because of the way the medical system is structured, there are many instances where a person will be issued equipment that may not be the correct size or even correct for their need at all. This equipment can be expensive and often the proper size or piece of equipment will be forfeited due to financial or bureaucratic challenges. We aim to provide a resource for those persons in need to be able to find equipment to best meet their needs and receive the best treatment possible.

Helpful and non-profit exchange.

The DME List is here to help those going through a period of life that can be tough. We are not here to earn monies from anyone in need or helping someone in need. The exchange of equipment is bartered between the person giving and the person receiving and The DME List will not earn any percentage or charge any royalty for any exchange.


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