The DME List, an online community connecting people with unused durable medical equipment (DME) such as bath tub chair, bedside commode,cane, crutch, hospital bed,lift, walker and wheelchair; with people who need them.

About The DME List

Many people go without DME because they do not qualify under their insurance coverage and cannot afford to buy the equipment, or the DME they received is not the right one for them. Others have DME they no longer need.

Our Mission

At The DME List, we are passionate about connecting people who have unused DME with people who need it. We feel strongly that anyone needing DME should have the equipment, especially when there is unused DME gathering dust. Our mission is to make unused DME available to those who need it. We believe that people who need DME should not do without and equipment made for long-lasting use should not lie idle.

Our Vision

People who do not qualify or cannot afford DME can find it at the click of a mouse, at no cost, enabling them to lead more productive lives.

Core Values

DME is eventually unused as owners regain independence or pass on. More than anything else, owners or those entrusted with DME want to see the equipment used by someone who needs it.

At The DME List, people responsible for unused DME can list the equipment at no cost and people who need DME can have it at no cost.

DME can make a world of difference to someone’s quality of life; cost or availability should not get in the way of leading a more productive, healthier and happier life. This is the core belief of our founder, who has served as a physical therapist to geriatric patients in nursing homes and home health care for more than 35 years.

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